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Every business owner knows they need a great website. This means that you are competing for the attention of your audience with the millions of compelling websites on the Internet .

  • How do you stand out?
  • How do keep your website safe?
  • How do you keep your website interesting?
  • How to you make sure that your website is working hard for your business?

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You have built your the new site. You’ve worked hard and dealt with developers, designers and technical people. You’ve made big decisions about themes, hosting, plugins and systems.  You’ve probably spent more than your budget.

Now it is time for your website to return on all that investment of time, effort and money.

You know that your website will need a lot of work. There are many moving parts and perhaps you are not confident knowing where to get started and how to keep it all together.

And you really want to get back to running your business.

It's not your fault.

You are an expert in your business, you shouldn't have to be an expert in website technology as well.​

Website Success Lab is here to  help. With our 76 Website Success Protips you can learn you how to make your website successful​, without attending an expensive course.

76 Website Success Protips gives you a bit of training every day. You learn better and faster with "micro-bite" training and you have useful tips to use straight away or at your fingertips when you need them, in our 63 page E-book.

Unlike an online course, you don't have to bookmark a website, download documents, attend webinars or even remember a password to login. You get your tips daily in your inbox. It's as easy a that.

​Research shows that daily learning of practical, applicable, tips in micro-bites is the most effective way to learn.  Each week you will learn five new things, with practical application to your website.  Starting today you will get the first tip and be on your way to website success.

So many investments in websites end up as "online brochures" with no activity and no return on investment.

Imagine what it will be like to look at your website with pride, knowing that it is successful and seeing the results you had hoped for.

Who is Website Success Lab?​

For 16 years Lisa Harvey ran a website development business. She has decades of experience in technology,  as a strategist, technician and project manager. She has  advised at the highest levels of government and not-for-profits, and is a serial entrepreneur. 

She has participated in the creation of hundreds of websites, and is now using this experience to help entrepreneurs, authors, website admins, and not-for-profits make their websites successful. ​

At Website Success Lab we don't build websites, we give you the skills to make your website successful.​ This gives us independence and our experience gives us the expertise to teach you just what you need to know.

76 Website Success Protips is an email learning program that will:

  • Teach you deep and long term success, not just quick fixes.​
  • Help you save time.
  • Help you save money.

The Benefits of Micro-bite Learning

"A microlearning solution enables the just-in-time learning that leaners demand in a professional training program and allows them to implement their learning experience in their daily work" Anand Timothy

Micro-bite learning let's you learn what you need right now, and skip what isn't relevant today. You can find previous Protips when you need them, or search through the E-book for future Protips when the need arises.

You are in control of your learning. 

It takes only a tiny part of your day to learn something new.  

Some excerpts from 76 Website Success Protips

To demonstrate the value and depth of the 76  Website Success Protips, here are a few excerpts. These are not the full Protips and they each sit within a series about the same concepts. In the case of Protips 27, 48, and 61, the concepts are: creating content that people will read; managing how people interact with your site; and keeping your site secure.

From PROTIP 27. White Space

Think about the coastlines of your text. Don’t block your text, it makes it look heavy and impenetrable. Have space between paragraphs and around images. Your visitors will stay longer if they feel comfortable on your page.

From PROTIP 48. Moderation Policy

If you allow site users to make comments or add to discussions you will need a moderation policy that clearly states what is not acceptable behavior and what the consequences will be.

If you have a moderation policy it is important to enforce it. Other users will depend on you to manage bad behaviour and they will be disappointed if you don't.


SSL (Secure Socket Layer) refers to technology that creates an encrypted link between the browser and the website server for any user session. It is automatic and users do not have to take action to use it. Browsers indicate when there is a secure session with the HTTPS prefix and usually a lock symbol.

Many hosting companies provide SSL Certificates free through Let’s Encrypt, which is an initiative of the Internet Security Research Group. You can also purchase certificates with various security features.

This is just a taste of three of the 76 Website Success Protips.

76 Website Success Protips: What you get.

  • One Website Success Protip delivered every weekday to your inbox for 15 weeks.
  • That is 76 micro-bites of practical learning. 
  • All Protips are tagged and designed to be easy to search for in your inbox.
  • Links to other resources for every Protip
  • A downloadable 63 page E-book with all 76 Protips searchable and indexed.
  • Starting today, daily, micro-bites of learning delivered to your inbox.

And, as a special bonus: 

Included with your 76 Website Success Protips Subscription is 6 months access to the Website Success Community.

This community will be available only to Website Success Lab Members when our membership is launched.

It will be a place where you can ask questions, share your success (and failure) and help out like minded people. The Community will start early in 2017.

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PS: 76 Website Success Protips have been put together by Lisa Harvey from 17 years of strategic website development experience. For only $7 you'll get one Website Success Protip delivered to your inbox every weekday for 15 weeks, as well as a 63 page e-book with all the tips, searchable and indexed.  For less than 50c per week, this is the only place this price is offered.

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