Seasonal context and your Website

Depending on your industry, and your audience, you might want to tizzy up your website to celebrate various holiday and celebration seasons throughout the year.


Remember that not everyone celebrates the holiday and important dates in the same way you do, particularly if you have a global audience. Being sensitive to your audience will avoid turning people away who might be good customers. If you are in doubt, then be subtle.

As always we recommend being strategic about your important day activities. Make sure it doesn't interrupt other campaigns you might be running, ensure you have consistency across all your channels. Most importantly, make sure you are using your voice, and it is an extension of your usual message. ​

Here are a few simple ideas.​

  • Use the season, celebration or important date as an opportunity for a call to action.
  • You can add an extra newsletter, or make one of your regular messages ​more in context pointing out that your product is a great gift, or to donate to people in need.
  • ​Have a special sale or offer on items that are in the spirit of the season
  • Spruce up your logo temporarily with relevant grapics: tinsel, hearts, eggs, flags etc. We've added a Christmas example in this post.
  • Include other images in new blog posts. 
  • Ask people for feedback on social media, or in comments to a blog post, or ask what they think or feel at this time of year.
  • Change your social media profile pages ​to keep with the season spirit. A happy picture of your team celebrating adds a very personal touch

Remember to change images, profiles and content back when the date is past.

Most importantly, never appear exploitative. Any changes mus be sensitive and genuine. Send seasons messages to your customers and wider audience, thanking them for engaging with you in the context of the season, and without making it seem as though it is just an opportunity to sell.​

Lisa Harvey