10 Ideas for Re-purposing Content

Creating a rich content program is essential to website success, but it is hard work! Even if you get your team involved in planning and creating content, getting new content out constantly can add stress to any team. 

One great way to be efficient is through re-purposing your content. Make your content ​do more than one thing.

Here are 10 ideas for re-purposing content to make your content creation efficient

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1. Update an article with new information.

Sometimes popular old blog posts contain gold that can be revitalised for contemporary consumption. Remember that people on the internet want the most up to date information you have, so give them the old stuff with something new added.

2. Create an Infographic

If you have some content that includes some data or numbers, or even a series of facts, try creating an infographic. This will help you tell your story, add a great visual to your website and since you already have the data, it should not be a great deal of work.

I've used Piktochart. It makes embeddable infographics and there are plenty of templates to choose from.

3. ​Use Email Content for Blog Posts

Everything you send to your email list has the potential to be a blog post. You may need to re-word, or add content (consider combining with other email content) to make it speak to your website audience rather than your email audience. But this is an easy way to find great content with just a little bit of effort.

4. Use Blog Content for Emails

Most of the people on your list probably don't read your blog, or they only read the articles you link to from the messages you send. Create great email content from blog posts. This is an easy way to re-purpose your great blog content.​

5. Create memes for Social Media from Customer Testimonials

The voices of your customers are gold. Add a short quote from a customer to a stock image and you instantly have a meme to share on social media.

6. Make a video​ From a Blog Post

Use the content of a video for a blog post. The easiest way to do this is to record yourself answering questions. The blog post will guide you in your message by keeping it the same. You can link back to the blog post for more information.

Add a logo animation to the beginning and end of your video to make it professional. ​

7. "Our 5 Best..."

​Go back through your archives and find some articles on a specific subject. Group them together into the 5 best articles, or the 3 most popular blog posts. This can be an easy way to get new content, and boost the reach of your old content.

8. Most Common Questions from Social Media​

Here your customers are making the subject matter. You have probably already answered this on social media, so you may not have to write very much at all. Create "The 5 Most Common..." or the "3 Hardest Questions We Ever Got On Social Media."

Sharing this on social media might also reduce the number of questions you get, and save you additional time.

9. Turn Support Articles into Blog Posts

Your ​knowledge base or support tracking systems will have some fantastic content. You will need to modify these for the audience, but they can contain some in depth ideas on how to use your products well. These can also be a useful way to reduce support calls.

10. Create video content from an Infographic

Remember the Infographic we created earlier? Use this to create a slide show, record a voiceover, add a logo animation to the front and back and you instantly have a piece of video content that will work well in a blog post, can be sent to your list and will get attention on social media.

Creating a good content plan is key to a successful website, and running out of ideas is a common problem. Here you have 10 new ideas for boosting your content plan and makign your website successful.​

Lisa Harvey