Website Success Formula Course Launched!

You know the feeling when finally, after all the hard work, you can launch something. Well, I have that now.

Over the past few months I have been creating the Website Success Formula course. I can announce that it has been launched on Udemy! ​


This is a big deal for us. We've been building up our audience and have been working with some amazing people. Now the course has come together and you can participate.

For the next few weeks the course will be at a discounted as part of a Udemy Promotion, so go over and register now, before the price goes up.

Udemy is an amazing learning marketplace. I chose it because of the reach it has and how far I can get our course out.​ I made this course so that people can benefit from my experience making websites successful. I want it to get out to the most people possible. Udemy helps with that.

​The course should be discounted by Udemy for a few weeks. If it is not, please let me know and I can supply a discount voucher. A message through Facebook is the best way. 

Lisa Harvey